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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 6, 2013 2:00am-3:00am EST

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about the drone program and eric kantor will be here tomorrow night. you don't want to miss that. see you tomorrow night, go to gretawire right now. tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. eastern. hello. i'm andrea, with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> here's one more reason not to let washington near your pocketbook. today the congressional budget office announced politicians in d.c. spend 850 billion more than they take in and are on track to have the national debt hit 26 trillion the next ten years. after those numbers were released. the president played small ball urging congress to pass a smaller package before automatic cuts go into effect march 1st.
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>> in congress can't act immediately on a bigger package, if they can't get a bigger package done by the time the sequester is scheduled to go into effect, i believe they should at least pass a smaller package. there's no reason that the jobs of thousands of americans who work in national security or education or clean energy, not to mention the growth of the entire economy should be in jeopardy because folks in washington couldn't come together. >> all right, the cbo estimated today in the fiscal 2013 budget $850 billion will be the deficit and we looked at the charts. people will argue, probably the man here, that it's going to be down in the long term because of increased revenues, economic growth, sequester, higher taxes. but kimberly, if you look to 2013, it shoots back up.
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how can the president hold a press conference when he talks about cuts using the word smaller. >> there's so much shrinkage. the problem is the middle class is the working poor. that's what's the norm. people are so used to it now they don't realize it should be fixed. we could focus on cutting back on spending, thinking about how to stimulate jobs and the economy. we're so used to the stagnation, it's become acceptable and people aren't critical enough to say there's a better way to do this and a smarter financial way to make sense. >> is this the new normal? before we get to that, the white house scrambled after the cbo announcement to cobble the press conference together. what did you think? >> one of the things, if ear going to call press conferences, he has to take questions. if he goes to the white house briefing room, reporters should
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demand access and ability to probe and ask questions. i don't understand how that keeps heaping. the econstituency was interesting. this morning early on i read a story in politico that said the president today would release a package of spending cuts combined with tax reform and it would be specific. what you do the night before is tell one reporter and they set it up. this morning, cbo said we're going to release our baseline number at 1:00, at 1:15 all of a sudden it wasn't like what they sketched out and it scared them a little bit because the -- whatever the package is they had in mind was going to look meager in comparison to the cbo number so they instead punted. >> if you look at the cuts coming down the pike, a lot are military cuts. a lot of people have issue with
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what the white house is doing to claim fiscal responsibility. >> the cbo numbers say we're going to hell not in a hand basket but handout. you have to ask, does this matter to the president? no jobs, no growth, gas prices, food prices going up. it's degrowth where the left advocates economic loss. i call it the for toys, termite hypothesis. if you take all the food away from the tortoise, he'll eat the termites in your floor so you solve two problems. feed your tortoise for free and get rid of your termites. in this case, termites is global warming. our economic decline helps the planet so in obama's mind it's not a big deal. the more our economy fails, the better for our shrinking country in terms of the carbon footprint.
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>> i was a little lost with the tortoise and termites. >> i love animals. >> but you make a point. that's what the left argues, they say spend money, is no matter what, as long as you spend it. >> bob, as long as we're spending it on an alien invasion, it would be economically stimulative. >> i'm having a problem with the tortoise and termites. >> tortoise eats the termites. a shrinking economy solves global warming. >> we'll take that to the bank. >> that's a theory. >> all over the place. >> all right. i read it on the web. >> the budget deficit will be below a trillion dollars. this year. a trillion two last year, down to $835 billion. it also calls for unemployment to fall to 5% in the years 14 to 18. so i'm not sure it is the normal you're talking about.
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and there is economic growth in a lot of sectors and keep in mind, the last three years millions of jobs have been created. >> oh my gosh. first of all, blame george w. bush if you want but if you're a 24-28-year-old young person in america and you have not been able to find a job or get promoted because people aren't moving up and you're not moving over and you have automation and competitive preciouses, it's stunning to me they go look, in 2019, everything will be fine. in the meantime, what are they doing? >> what did i -- >> i'm saying you made the point before, and i don't disney agree, a lot of people blame today's economy still on president bush. i'm saying i don't care who you blame. at some point they have got to realize they have taken away a decade with inaction. possible talks about clean energy and that's where you can get jobs. you know where you can get jobs?
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keystone pipeline. energy. all the things you could do with that industry. businesses that could be created could help a lot of young people. the out years they worry about when it comes to entitlement with the cbo, they're approaching more quickly than they thought. in the meantime what president obama says is congress, it's their responsibility to not deal with these defense cuts, which was the white house's idea. >> the pipeline. >> it's mental cruelty. >> the pipeline would put people to work but president obama had infrastructure -- he's had infrastructure built before the house in the last three years. >> you cannot keep blaming republicans in the house. he had total control of congress. if you look at the projection, looking into the future, aging population, rising healthcare, expansion of subsidies, growing interest on debt which, by the way, shoots to 857 billion-dollar by 20123. the deficit goes back up even though we saw it go slightly
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down. they're calling this the sandwich generation, the people in the middle getting squeezed by taking care of their older parents that can't retire early and taking care of kids. youth unemployment at 11.5. >> more of the middle class becoming the working poor at this point. and the problem is, you can't ask the guy a question. he makes an announcement. you can't ask him a question to get meaningful discussion to hear the other side. when you have the chance, and he was able to have control to put something through, what did he do? we're still hearing blame it on bush. that's old. >> also tax hikes. we'll have the highest spending and highest government spending and highest tax rates. i'm not sure who is can connecte dots to create jobs. >> can i say something? the new normal is the old
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miserable. the carter era with bandwidth. does he care about the fracturing. the harder american life gets the more he can change it. when we take the bus instead of drive that's progress. he sees shrinkage as success measured by our failure. if you're not going to push, get out. >> if you listen to you people, there's so much gloom and doom. >> it's gloomy. >> it's getting much better, the price of houses is back up. the number of people in default is down. >> gas prices of up. healthcare premiums are up. unemployment rate for 2013 will remain 8%. >> paychecks are going down. take-home pay. >> nobody talks about the positive aspects. there are a number. >> find some. >> here's something positive, because gas prices are high, people can't go anywhere so they'll spend time with
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families. >> more people traveled on thanksgiving than any other time. >> you do make some points on the economy. people looked at wall street and the dow, however it's the economic headwinds we're facing looking into the future. >> dismal. >> it is dismal. it's becoming a new normal as greg said of mediocrity. not that great. you look down the road, it doesn't look that terrific and these are all headwinds. the government creates them. >> if i were you i would invest in prozac because i don't think it's near at negative as you say. >> with president obama's popularity, he could do more. he could say it's try time to try something radical. a flat tax by the end of the year. work with me. >> you're right. >> he could do something that would amazing. >> greg says he doesn't want to. >> he's playing croquet. >> he did say i want to put back on the entitlement for provisions i proposed last year. that was a big deal. >> where did he propose them.
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>> john boehner. >> it was a backdoor meeting. >> he and boehner had an agreement and they couldn't sell it. >> what is great about being 26 is you can be unemployed and get free healthcare. if you had a job, you would have had it anyway. >> the most dangerous thing is jung people are sitting at home playing xbox and getting used to it. that is going to be all they know, which that's why down the road -- >> who is going to hire them in five years. >> i am. >> 95% of them are working. >> who's going to hire the other people that need jobs. >> there are a lot of people working in that group. you talk about black unemployment high, as is hispanics. among white college graduates, employment is very high. >> good for the white people, bob. >> well, i understand. >> people who own stocks and bonds, great. >> coming up next. >> they're the 1%. >> we'll continue this during
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the commercial break. when is it legal for the u.s. government to kill american citizens? a secret memo was leaked today that explains the obama administration justification for taking out american citizens could pose a terror threat. is that constitutional? details up next.
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greg has a horse he's going to tell us about later. first we have to ask, is it ever okay for the u.s. government to kill its own citizens? what if they were al-qaeda terrorists. there a justice department memo that reveals the obama administration legal justification for targeting american suspects overseas with drone strikes. eric holder defended this controversy today. >> we have, as a basis for action we take, congressional
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statute that allows us to operate against al-qaeda and associated entities not only in pakistan or afghanistan but other parts of the world. we say that we only take these kinds of actions when there's an imminent threat, when capture is not feasible and we're confident we're doing so in a way consistent with federal and international law. >> drone attacks not new. we've known the obama administration uses them but the legal justification was revealed and be a big topic at brennan's hearing thursday before the senate about the c.i.a. can i play a sound bite and go back? this is jonathan karl and jay carney. >> how does dropping a bomb on an american citizen without judicial review, any trial, not raise more human rights question than something like waterboarding. >> the questions around this
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issue are important and the president takes them seriously. >> let's be clear, this is giving legal justification for killingmerican citizens without any trial whatsoever. >> i would point you to the ample judicial precedent for the idea someone who takes up arsenal against the united states in a war against the united states is an enemy. >> bob, you wanted to say something. >> holder said eminent threat to the united states. the condition a leader present an imminent threat does not require united states to have clear evidence of a specific attack will take place in the immediate future. in other words, they can drop a drone on a u.s. citizens with no justification whatsoever as johnathan karl pointed out. it's murder without evidence behind it. the idea you can do this
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without -- i can understand if there's a plot you knew about but they say you don't have to have that evidence. >> now you're negative on obama. >> it's policy. >> did i hallucinate? >> i appreciate the intellectual honesty. one question has been that -- age-old question, if bush had done that, the website i should have created, web it was revealed president bush authorized the surveillance of telephone calls between american soil and someone overseas it was may help meo hem now president obama is doing drone attacks and the left -- the cat as got their tongue. >> can we stop calling them drones. they're peace planes, compassionate devices used to protect civilians from waterboarding by killing them.
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they're like planned parenthood with remote sensing. obama can do not wrong. if he nuked cuba they would laud him for killing the cuban flu. >> this is interesting because they're pretty consistent. this is something they should complain about, otherwise -- they are. they're taking the administration to task on this saying it's unlawful to do this without specific evidence. the administration is fighting back and you have to understand something,ettes almost 400 something percent the number of drones we're use. >> that's interesting because i think conservatives are in a bind that they would agree this is okay. do you think that that's where a lot of them will come down? >> some conservatives. the neocons and other conservatives on the other side,
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which is where i stand. i think the d.o.j. memo is a farce, they had to put it out because they killed anwar al awlaki. this was the same administration that wanted to give civilian trials to foreign terrorists in downtown manhattan but no problem killing americans with no due process. it's incoherent and laugh automobile. >> al awlaki was in the cohe is ses of planning and implementing attacks against the you state. what they're saying is if you have a relationship with a terrorist group, thundershower able to be killed by a drone attack. that runs against everything that i believe at least that the constitution of the united states stands for and protection it gives you. >> it's even looser. it's like if they think you're a bad person, they can do it. >> why not -- once the government, with the patriot act, looking at library records
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so it's hard to believe they'd be quiet now. >> do you think it was strategically leaked by the administration to take attention away from the a block on the economy? >> i think you're absolutely right. it's weird, bob and i are in reverse. i have been four drones under bush so i would be a hypocrite if i didn't laud the fact president obama killed more terrorist than anybody. nasdaq nationality with terrorism. >> how do you know their a terrorist. >> it -- i want my own drone. there's a time when these things are so small, for anybody walking home, a woman could have a drone in her purse and when somebody comes at her, it goes like that. >> if you have actionable intelligence that says it person is planning an attack on the united states, that falls --
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>> that's imminent threat. >> let me repeat, this does not require the united states to have clear, specific information. >> bob, don't you think it's a cover your butt? >> i don't know. i don't think it's constitutional. >> i like cyb, cover your bob. >> that was a good discussion. >> good job. >> thank you so much for participating. democrat senator bob menendez talks about a scandal. the foreign relation committee confronted with a different kind of scandal. you'll hear from him coming up.
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senator bob menendez confronted by a reporter about his alleged prostitution scandal. the new chairman insists he didn't pay underage girls for services in the dominican republic and he's angry the media is mentioning it. >> can you just answer the allegation that's been out there. >> the smears. >> that you were with prostitutes. >> the smears that right wing blogs have been pushing since the election and that is totally unsubstantiated. it's amazing to me that anonymous, nameless, faceless individuals on a website can drive that type of story into the mainstream. the bottom line is all those smears are absolutely false. >> is this a conspiracy? that's what he suggests that it happened to be a bunch of people
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put together emails and created a scheme just to smear mr. menendez. why? >> it is. it is. this is nothing -- it was a new program of nude mentoring, where politicians -- it started with bill clinton where you helped young women learn the laws of supply and demand using bodies as commodities. >> an emersion program. >> a fact-finding mission. >> definitely. they always say vast right wing conspiracy when they're guilty. anthony weiner and media manner laughing until andrew breitbart had pictures then media i can't matters had to scurry under a rock. i have a feeling menendez will have to apologize to a few people. >> what they have so far is $58,000 that menendez reimburse
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add doctor for and flights to the dominican republic. beyond that there's not a scintilla of evidence. >> that's not true. i would point out -- >> tell me what the evidence is. >> today the story was a actual testimony from a girl who said they had sex with senator menendez at 16 years old. as much as we want to joke about fact finding missions, he could not be patronizing prostitutes. he could be a pedophile. abc news had the story in may 2012. the daily collar has been going to the dominican republic. martha ratties had an interview with senator menendez. they had the story and it was the same time mainstream media was hammering mitt romney and republicans for war on women. >> the new chairman of the
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foreign relation committee and you suggest a 16-year-old prostitute. >> it's not just one. >> faceless, nameless girls. >> let's let them not be faceless. let the daily caller come forward. you can't reunion a man's reputation based on a hookener the dominican republic. >> no one ever asked for a old hooker. >> oh, my -- >> thanks for that. >> good insight, greg. >> so let's talk about the media part of it. when they first -- when the story first came out. there were rumblings for a while. if the shoe were on the other foot and it was a republican, you can bet they wouldn't say i can't believe the right wing blogs are coming after me with this. what a blogger used to be called is a shoe leather reporter. they stuck to it, they're sticking by their story. from the staff standpoint and other senators who are asked about this, i would keep a
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distance. where there's smoke, there's usually fire. i dislike calling women of any age anonymous and faceless people because they are doing something that they feel they have to do in order to take care of themself. >> i understand that. >> they don't want to make disparaging comments. >> do you believe the daily caller would do this it was a conservative republican? y why not. >> yes, they would, there's no -- this isn't an issue about which party has more sexual dalliances, they're both guilt. it's the hypocrisy and in during a october 16 fundraiser, women for menendez, they put out an ad boasting how he defended women and girls globally. the right to be free from abuse, safe from trafficking and exploitation. how he's a hero to young girls. >> and he supposed legislation
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to human trafficking and you're trying to get him hung up on the daily caller, a relatively new blogger on the basis of a 16-year-old. >> there's people who support him. listen to harry reid. >> i have the utmost confidence in him. as to the rest of the investigation, that will have to be handled the way they are, in-depth. the ethics committee are looking at it. >> there's relatively serious allegations. are you confident he did nothing wrong? >> i have confidence he did nothing wrong but that's what investigation are about. >> later on, if it turns out the investigation turns out to say the allegations are true, he can say i did have confidence and i had every reason to be and i'm so disappointed. >> even rolling footage of harry reid. he's the senate majority leader but he said i had on good
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information mitt romney did. >> are you rolling tape about prostitutes. does harry reid understand what menendez is accused of? looks like the last dalliance might have been during the true man administration. >> he's also from nevada. >> what do you mean by that? >> did it bother you -- >> the question is, is it legal in the united states. >> thank you for that. >> life would have been cheaper. >> did it bother you to see the american flags waving at the super bowl? how about hearing the national anthem or seeing the troupes on the field? some liberals didn't like all the patriotism. it's all ahead on "the five."
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now back to new york and the 5:00.
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>> and the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh say does that sawyer. >> during the super bowl we're used to seeing displays the patriotism and support but one professor wonders if it's become a bit much. in the "washington post," jet fly offers and the military guards and singing of god bless america have become habitual. when athletes refuse to take part in patriotic gimmickry, her words. she wonders wow a country founded on rebellion finds not standing off and on an anthem or saluting a flag un-american.
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why is the default position for academics always patriotism sucks they laugh at you but what do they love? their patriotism is always for the enemy or anyone to lives to make america look bad. in many ways sports are a proxy for war, that's why they evoke patriotism. every american sees it as pars of the national character and it's the rare times left the left lets us get our patriotism fix. it's cooler to adore beyonce than has been bore her. it was like god pulled the plug himself. >> dana, you hate america so this must have been like mother's milk. >> i couldn't get enough. who do you think i am, bill
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schults? i don't hate america but i did hate the super bowl. i didn't like it. i just -- the whole thing, from soup to nuts until the halftime show, i was like eh, then during the blackout i said i'm going to bed and i went to sleep. >> you should have made your beckel dip. the very well triat a cheese. >> bobby, academics won't rest until every semblance of patriotism is replaced with ironic appreciation for bad art. >> you did slip in, the left. i noticed that. there's no way you can suggest the left is tired of pat activism is he super bowl. there may be a few professors, not all, doing this. frankly it gives people a lift at a time they needed a lift. i had questions about the choir from the elementary school in correcting. i thought it was moving but a
2:43 am
little exploitive. i'm not sure i would have done that, but beyonce's -- that whole routine didn't get me turned on, i was calling my bookie for bets. >> i almost called your bookie. you and i were right. >> you chose whoever has the better looking head coach. >> very scientific. >> one thing about the blackout there's no question it hurt the ravens because they were on a roll. they just scored a 108-yard touchdown from a kickoff and all of a sudden the lights went out. it made me wonder if there was a conspiracy with the electric company. >> or nancy pelosi. don't you think in a weird way, pop culture replaced patriotism as you see the pre-games and heisman and and -- halftimes and zone dances. >> it's true. because of our super bowl show we loved so much on friday, i did research and greg, it didn't
2:44 am
used to be celebrities. at the first super bowl it was marching bands and pat activism patriotism. if this liberal professor doesn't want to love america while watching the super bowl, great. i just don't understand why you write about it or announce it to the world. it's like saying i have a bunch of bonn ons on my feet. >> she was journaling. >> kimberly. >> i brought my favorite pen. >> sorry about that. >> this is your makeup. >> that's a pen, glob oh, it is? >> can you fix it? >> yeah, i can. >> you have a broken nail? >> i -- answer a question that you pretend i might have just asked. >> okay, listen. it's hypocritical because the liberals and professors that seem to have such disdain for patriotism and the actual symbol of what guarantees our rights that they seem to love and cloak themselves in, the freedom and speech, yet they don't want to
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celebrate the people who fought and worked so hard to secure those rights. >> you know who was the loser. collin kaepernick's tortoise, sammy. there he is. he came home to a sad, depressed owner. you're pretty certain the tortoise has no idea. >> it looks like he hasn't missed many termites. >> i have something to make your point about your -- the most -- the favorite ad from the super bowl was the one about the farmers. >> yes. >> it was the exact opposite, the whole look and feel of the ad was the opposite of the super bowl which was why i didn't like the super bowl. >> are you sure go didn't get the number one spot? i hated it. go daddy should be banned. >> it would be great if they didn't have the sound. it was the sound, the sound of the mouth. it was terrible.
2:46 am
i still hear it in my head. >> you can hear that in other movies. >> this was pretty bad. >> aerosmith's steven tyler has had it with people taking pictures of him. legislatures considering a bill that would ban it but should it be illegal to ban people from taking pictures?
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♪ i'm sorry. this is kimberly's -- it's all her makeup here that takes up about half of this table here. all right. two-thirds of the senators in hawaii state legislature signed the steven tyler act named after the lead singer of aerosmith t makes it illegal for photographers to take pictures of, quote, celebrities while going to the beach or doing something with their family. now, i don't know what the
2:51 am
definition of celebrities is and i think its unconstitutional. what do you think. >> i'm freaked out and i have to dip this in rubbing alcohol. >> tell me what you think. >> this is interesting legislation. there's precedence to say it could be upheld. they named it after a celebrity. hawaii is dependent on tourism. they want to stimulate the economy. in california, about paparazzi and right to privacy, i think this is hold up. >> a similar law in california holds this up. the court supported the law. >> i think this is a joke, though. i mean how can you say that he doesn't get the first amendment -- the photographers don't get the first amendment right. he's on a public beach. this is the video that spurred the steven tyler controversy. take a look.
2:52 am
♪ >> does that get you encouraged to have this law passed in. >> no. and this is what i would recommend to the paparazzi or the pr people to received the tips of where celebrities will be so they can get pictures taken, you ought to release the press releasing and phone calls to expose celebrities for trying to get their pictures on. >> greg, you were in hawaii and probably stalked. were you worried about this. >> tyler hasn't had a good song since he left foreigner. it's called the steven tyler act. that's something robert menendez paid for saturday night in the dominican republic. >> if we can get him to agree to the to wear a speedo again. >> i'm traumatized and grossed
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it's time for one more thing. kimberly? >> this is the cutest moment of the super bowl. even dana liked it because it involves a small animal.
2:57 am
a little foal named hope, which is so cute. take a look at this ad. >> i took my love, took it down ♪ ♪ climbed a mountain and i turned around ♪ ♪ well, i've been 'fraid of changes cuz i've built my life around you ♪ >> greg. >> i just think it would have been better if it was for elmer's. >> oh my god. >> you're absolutely terribly ruining my tender moment. the worst person you are in the world. i'm convinced this is a contest to name the 21-day-old foal and they named her hope. very cute. this is my favorite moment. >> i had a -- one i was going to use yesterday but laura bush
2:58 am
yesterday at the susan g. koman for the cure cancer summit. >> the world health organization estimates more than 1 .6 million people worldwide are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. many live in countries where the disease carries stigma and shame. by sharing the lessons we've learned, americans can empower more women to detect breast cancer early. >> mrs. bush involved in health diplomacy web first lady and she's continuing that. quick one, a tribute to barney bush, a wonderful dog, was with the president and mrs. bush 12 years, probably the best personal dog of any white house. president bush painted that tribute. he died on friday or saturday. >> there's not enough time to do
2:59 am
mine so i'll share a fun fact. chewing gym makes you more alert. it makes your reaction time quicker and your mind sharper. >> if you chew gum with your mouth open you get a smack in the face. >> apology to horse lovers. band fundraise, you save more time if you say clap. >> got it. >> clap. >> i spent the super bowl at our executive producer's house this weekend, and i must say, his friend there was a wonderful, smart lady who turns out to have been a prima ballerina both in london and new york. she couldn't have been nicer, kinder, and we had a great time and it was a great party and we enjoyed it. it's like seeing babe ruth at one time. >> you didn't hit on her, did you? >> i certainly did not. >> who made better taco dip, me or porter. >> don't put me in that bind.


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